Saturday, March 23, 2013

Food tasting #1: Red Swan Catering

To ensure that we'll be serving good food to our guests on our special day, we planned to have food tasting sessions with several Caterers to know how well their food tastes like.

Our goal is to find a caterer that will serves us with good food and excellent venue setup at an affordable rate. Some people may say that this is quite impossible because most caterers would charge extra for the setup, but Im quite sure that there are some caterers out there that can provide us with this.

So much for an introduction, let me now give you a peek of what he had during the food tasting.

Supplier: Red Swan (sister company of Swan)
Date: 17th March, 2013
Venue: Red Swan office, G. Araneta, QC

Arven and I wearing matching colored polo shirts during the food tasting event

The venue is located at an apartment by the Shell station on G. Araneta Ave. I didnt mind that the location is in an apartment, but we I was quite shocked (not in a good way) that the place was not nicely setup for the food tasting.

There were a number of dishes available during the food tasting event. Let me try to give you a short description for each food.

I've taken quite a number of shots of the okoy (appetizer) as I wanted to show how thin it was and how few the small shrimps were in each piece. The sauce tasted good though. Im just not sure if it was something bought over-the-counter or made.
Seafood chowder
Seafood chowder tasted as it is. Was just a bit salty on the side. Probably because of too much clams.
Top left: Fish Charlemagne; Linguine pasta and pomodoro sauce
Fish charlemagne was fine. The fish was really soft and a bit salty, but overall, it was a good dish. Pomodoro sauce was also good. Im just not really into that olive taste.
Chicken veronique, chicken cordon bleu, chicken pastel
As for the chicken dishes, well, they tasted..chicken. They all tasted the same with just small differences on the sauce. Pastel has that overpowering taste of sausage, which Im not a fan of. Cordon Bleu didnt have the white sauce which made it dry and not plausible. Veronique was probably the best of the chicken dishes. It has its white sauce with whole grape pieces. If Im to get Red Swan, Ill include veronique on the menu.
[TR] beef with gravy, [TL] pot roast beef, [BL]roast pork, [BR] BBQ Spareribs
 Beef and pork were all tender. BBQ Spareribs tasted sweet which I liked. Beef with gravy has that buttery taste in the gravy which made it really good. Pot Roast Beef tasted like tapa, so it was also good. The roast pork, however, was salty, so I didnt like it.
Dessert bar: Rolled mango crepe, seasonal fruits, buko salad
For the dessert, there were rolled mango crepe, buko salad and some fruits.
On our plate: buko salad and rolled mango crepe
Mango crepe was soft. It was good but I hope they had some chocolate syrup for it.

Rating: I'd probably give them a 3 over 5 star rating. Everything was just fine on an average note. There are a lot of things I think they could improve on. The food arent so impressive. Plus their package rates arent as cheap as I thought they will be. The linen colors that they presented to us are limited to hues of blues and pinks. Plus they dont have royal blue.

So our hunt for our perfect caterer continues.