FAQs for guests

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1. I have just received the invitation, now what?

There are quite a number of people that are close to our hearts but due to financial constraints, only a few will be invited to witness our sharing of vows. If you received an invite from us, that just means that we value your part in our story.

Once you received our invitation, please check the last page of the invitation card to see how many seats are being reserved in your honor.

Once you are sure that you can file a VL for our wedding (since it's a Tuesday), or you're certain that will not have a business trip or important meeting on January 6, 2013, kindly confirm to us your attendance by either calling/texting us or leaving your name at our online guestbook. If you are accessing this via mobile, you may opt to get the site URL through the QR Code below:
We hope to receive your confirmation at least 6 weeks before the wedding date. Your confirmation is important so we know the headcount for the catering. No confirmation means no attendance.

2. What to wear?

Dress code is semi-formal or dressy casual. You are free to wear any color of your choosing but it'd be more appreciated if you'd come to the event wearing a hue of our motif, which is in the shades of peach, gold and rose pink.

If you're still having a hard time thinking what to wear, you might as well check on the sample of dresses below:

Ladies, you may wear any cocktail or maxi dress. You can also pair a dressy top with a skirt, provided that it is not too short. You can wear high heels, although sandals and flats are also allowed. But please, no flipflops! Just a reminder though, both church and reception venue are air-conditioned, so you may want to bring a shawl or bolero to keep yourself warm.
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Peach Champagne Dress from ModCloth

Tango Dress by LBD UK

Men may wear slacks or black jeans and buttoned-down polo. Optional: tie, coat or vests  You can wear your footwear of choice, whether it’s sneakers, loafers or leather dress shoes. Please no flipflops or open-toe sandals!

3. We're not sure what to give you. Do you have a wedding registry?

We're not sure if we're gonna have a gift registry. 

We invited you because we want you to be a part of this special moment of our lives. We would appreciate you having a think on what to give us but your presence will be of more value.

On the other hand, as small family that's still beginning our journey together, we will surely appreciate receiving cash presents as these will definitely go a looonnnggg way.

4. The food was not so good! The bridal gown looks cheap! And the program was totally boring!

That may be your opinion, but please keep those comments regarding the wedding to yourself. Remember that the main point of the wedding is to celebrate the couple's love and not to scrutinize every wedding detail. Plus, criticizing the wedding's theme, motif and other details is an insult to our personal taste.

And, again, as the blog title may say, this is our dream wedding that we pulled off with a shoestring.

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