Our Not-So-Love Story

We met in college.

I am from the KA3 block and he was from KA4. Our blocks always meet in the hallways as most of our professors are the same. He is famous for perfecting his Midterm exams in Trigonometry, while I was, well, the other lady known from the other section.

He used to say that he first notice me because I looked like his ex (whatever!). And for that, he's done quite silly things to get to know me through a friend.

He learned about my full name by peeking through a professor's class record. He was quite impressed by my Prelim grade of 99 in Basic Programming (oha oha!) and has memorized even my middle name.

Having learned of my full name, he sent me Net Messages to greet me. He has also asked for my number through a friend and peeked in through a jeepney window to say Hello to me. That's how I met him.

Evening before the last day of class, I was reviewing for my HSS final exams when I decided to use my phone. I was quite surprise to receive a text from an unsaved number.

Reading the message, I learned that it was from Arven. After some few exchange of messages, we decided to meet after exams the next day.

And so we did. And we met for a couple more times during the semestral break.

We officially became couple on Oct. 27, 2006 at the rooftop of their building.

We've been to quite a number of places and cherish our love for each other. But it wasnt always straight and smooth path. Our relationship was like a big rock despite the tides. We've had family issues, academic problems and lots of other stuff. We even got separated, fall out of love, and found love back again.

Then, Leona was born. And parenthood greatly changed a big part of our lives. From our lifestyle to our financial decisions, everything has to keep Leona as part of everything.

We've already had a good deal of problems in the past. And our wedding will definitely not assure that problems will go away. But our wedding, is a testimony of our decision to keep on holding on no matter how big the tides will be. Of course, with Leona.

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